The Production

FREEZE FRAME…Stop the Madness gives audiences an inward look into the challenging experiences of young, disenfranchised African Americans and Latinos growing up in the inner city challenged with education, religion, police, gangs, and trying to make a living. These challenges are at the heart of survival.

Starting with a single moment when the characters’ lives collide, the story quickly unfolds following the dilemma and choices they face and the hope that they hold. FREEZE FRAME…Stop the Madness is a true look at youths living in a community weighed down by social inequities, who despite the odds, have risen and created a cultural revolution through dance and music.

This production has a wide audience appeal for lovers of music, theatre, art, and dance. Sometimes funny and playful, sometimes raw and frightening, FREEZE FRAME…Stop the Madness is altogether breathtaking. It is a moving tribute to the power of art and how it transforms lives. FRAMED in the final moments of a violent tragedy, this high-energy, production is that transformative work of art.

The eclectic score melds the works of many composers including Grammy award winning legends Stevie Wonder and James Ingram, jazz icon, Arturo Sandoval, Tena Clarke, Wally Minko, and up-and-coming hip-hop composer Thump and many others.

What people are saying

”FREEZE FRAME is a transformational theatrical experience. At once a dazzling entertainment and a deeply confronting social exposé, this show will leave you breathless. Debbie Allen and her students once again prove the powerful necessity of art in education and in our national conversation.”
ABC’s Scandal
FREEZE FRAME holds you captive for an emotional, unexpected and raw visit to a world of gun violence, to our world of gun violence. The voices, the dances, the storytelling — all part of the genius that is Debbie Allen — will leave an imprint on your mind and hopefully provide a call to action for your soul.”
Television Producer and Writer

“...the most important thing is to get engaged and that can start with a conversation at your kitchen table, it can start in your schools, it can start in your community.”
Sandy Hook Promise

“The greatest form of entertainment for me is one that makes me laugh, cry or think. Debbie Allen’s show FREEZE FRAME does all three.”
Executive Producer "So You Think You Can Dance"


Photos Courtesy of Lee Tonks Photography