Take Action

Every year in America, there are over 30,000 deaths due to firearms. And while there is no single solution that will eliminate the unspeakable acts of gun violence across the world, FREEZE FRAME...Stop the Madness moves the audience to look at a story beyond a headline, reach across political aisles, and band together to help forge meaningful solutions.

FREEZE FRAME…Stop the Madness will align with gun control 501(c)3 nonprofits in every city where we perform to support their efforts to educate, console and provide assistance to people impacted by gun violence. We need to ignite as many young people as possible. Creativity breeds innovation and innovation ensures America will remain the leader in the free world.

Do Your Part

Your contribution will support this and future productions of FREEZE FRAME...Stop the Madness which will help reframe the conversation about gun violence in communities across the nation and will also support Arts Education for young people who are in need.